Official poster featuring Yohanna Ephrem as Wendy.

Welcome to the official Homeward Short film Website!

Homeward follows a few days in the life of WENDY, a homeless teenage girl who attempts to find a new place to stay whilst living in her car. 

We are looking to tell a story about homelessness but from the perspective of a younger person, having known several people close to us who have fallen into these circumstances, we felt like this was a story we needed to tell.

The project was directed by myself, Jack, I come from a camera department background, however, more recently I had some experience in directing a number of independent music videos and award-winning short films. Also on board, we had Aleah Johnson as our cinematographer, who won an award for work on the film Brothers at the Royal Television Society Student Awards. The rest of the crew were made up of graduating students from Birmingham city university and Gloucestershire college. Some of whom worked to bring together the award-winning short films Brothers, At Dawn & First Time.

Principle photography began in April and we successfully completed the film in post on the 1st June, we're now currently looking to send the film out to a number of film festivals. You can also support our production with a like, follow, share or subscribe to our social media or website, as well as all the latest news on our production. Any questions you have on the production please get in touch:

It is impossible to determine the amount of young homeless people there are in any given city. These are people like you and me who have simply fallen on hard times and cannot get the support they need. This is due to poor family relations, mistreatment from landlords, lack of spaces in hostels or undiagnosed mental illnesses.

Which is why that besides from using this film as our graduation piece we are also aiming to raise money at each of the screenings of this film for homeless organisations like Gloucester City Mission, who provide food, healthcare & support for the homeless in Gloucester.

Thank you very much for any support you can give, and we look forward to working with you all in the future!

Jack Blanch

Wri/ Dir - Homeward (TBC)